|  Clifton Linton

ETI Has Tank Car Sublease Price Data for Sale

Are you on the market with your tank car subleases?

Energy Transport Insider has tank car sublease price history data for purchase:

DOT-112 tank cars -- September 2016 to present
DOT-111 tank cars -- July 2017 to present
DOT-117 tank cars -- April 2018 to present
CPC-1232 tank cars -- July 2018 to present
ETI has been independently assessing the tank car sublease markets for years. We base our assessments on conversations with a broad spectrum of market participants including brokers, lessees and lessors. 

For more information or to purchase tank car history data, contact clifton.linton@energytransportinsider.com or call 510-991-0968. Or fill out this ...

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