|  Clifton Linton

Made it to Calgary - the journey across Western Canada starts!

Walking through the Calgary Airport today, I came across a sure sign that I was in Canada. Nope -- not a maple leaf flag. Nope, not bi-lingual signs. Yep -- a Tim Horton’s. Right there by the baggage claim.

Six more days to go in Canada. Looking forward to it.

And then, there’s the little problem of getting to Prince Rupert, BC. My travel plans took a turn when I booked a rental car that needed to be returned in PRINCE GEORGE, BC!!! Not Prince Rupert. No rental car agency would give me a car in Calgary for a one-way rental to Prince Rupert -- and there are only one or two rental agencies that have offices in Prince Rupert -- by the way.

I took the car that would get me to Prin...

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