|  Clifton Linton

UTLX Expects to Retrofit 5,000 DOT-111 Rail Cars by End of 2018

LA QUINTA, CALIFORNIA -- By the end of 2018, UTLX will have retrofitted a total of 5,000 DOT-111 tank cars to the new DOT-117R standards, said David Murawski, senior vice president, sales and marketing with rail car manufacturer and seller Union Tank Car Company (UTLX).

Murawski made the statement Monday as he addressed the annual Rail Equipment Finance Conference in La Quinta, California.

Murawski said the DOT-111 cars are being retrofitted at the company's Marion, Ohio facility. The shop is currently cranking out nine retrofitted DOT-111 cars per day and the company has nearly sold out its production for 2018. At nine per day, that puts UTLX on pace to retrofit approximately 2,340 c...

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