|  Christine Marie Nielsen

Bump in Demand Increasing Crude-by-Rail Moves; U.S. Railroads Are Keeping Up

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts total U.S. crude oil production to average 10.3 million b/d in 2018, up 1 million b/d from 2017. According to the EIA, if achieved, the forecast 2018 production would be the highest annual average on record, surpassing the previous record of 9.6 million b/d set in 1970. Despite recent heavy demand for crude oil, U.S. railroads are keeping up with transportation needs for product. Natural gasoline rail shipments have yet to join the party.

“Right now, there is more than enough capacity to handle the increased demand,” said the head of one rail car broker firm. “A lot of the cars are not in the right place, but this will all ...

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