|  Clifton Linton

ETI’s 5 Questions: Francisco Melo of Bulkmatic de Mexico on Imported LPG Market

Mexico is a growing consumer of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) by rail from Canada and the U.S., but shipment volumes remain small and most product is transloaded from rail tank cars.

Bulkmatic de Mexico operates a network of rail-served transloading terminals. Most handle dry bulk products, but some handle LPG and other petroleum products. Francisco Melo, a spokesman with Bulkmatic de Mexico, shared a few words about Mexico’s LPG market.

Question: Tell us how 2017 was for Bulkmatic de Mexico. How much LPG-by-rail volume did you handle? How many terminals did you open?

Melo: The total number of cars we received in Monterrey and Tula Hidalgo was 600. That was 50 in Tula and 550 f...

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