|  Clifton Linton

US Propane Stocks Reach 104 Million bbl at Start of Winter Heating Season

by Clifton Linton, Editor, Energy Transport Insider

U.S. propane stocks rose 700,000 bbl in the week ending Sept. 30, to hit 104 million bbl. That’s the highest inventories have ever been at this time of year, the Department of Energy reported Wednesday morning.

Inventories are 2.2 million bbl under the record of 106.2 million bbl recorded in the week ending Nov. 20, 2015.

Supply is supported by continuing imports and healthy production.

The DOE noted that the Midwest saw imports of 118,000 b/d. Most of that comes from Canada. That helped to push regional inventories up to 29.1 million bbl. The center of the country is a modest industry focus. The corn harvest is underway and t...

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