|  Clifton Linton

LPG Rail Car Leases Firm, Car Supply Tight

by Clifton Linton, Editor, Energy Transport Insider

LPG rail car leases showed a firming trend this week as the winter heating season entered its first week.

Car leases for six-months have seen bids as low as $650/month and offers as high as $800/month. One-year leases are running as low as $500/month and as high as $750/month. But, $650/month seems to be more the middle of the market. The market for three-month leases appears to be running $600- to $800/month. However, interest in short-term leases (three-months) has been “non-existent” one source observed.

LPG rail car lease rates - as of week of Oct. 3, 2016

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