|  Clifton Linton

Rail Car Leases Firm; Cars Availability Tight, but Demand Light

by Clifton Linton, Editor, Energy Transport Insider

LPG tank car lease rates firmed slightly this week, as the market continues to see tightness in car availability, but light demand for moves.

Three-month leases for pressure cars (used to ship LPG) are running in the $600 to $700/month range. A four-month lease deal was confirmed at $650/month. Six-month leases (for the winter) were seeing a $525-$675/month bid-ask range. The 12-month lease rate was seeing a bid at $300/month, but a number of market observers dismissed the bid as a “low-ball.”

Three-year leases are seen to be pegged at $650/month.

LPG rail car lea...

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