|  Clifton Linton

US Propane Stocks Top 100 Million Bbl in Week Ending Sept. 9

by Clifton Linton, Editor, Energy Transport Insider

The US has a whole lotta propane – at least 101 million bbl in underground storage, to be exact. That’s what the Department of Energy said this morning.

As of the week ending Sept. 9, stocks stood at 101.09 million bbl, up 2 million bbl and 2% from the previous week. Stocks were also up 3.5% over the same week a year prior. This is the first time the U.S. has had this much product in storage at this time of the year.

This is the time of year that propane stocks build – in preparation for the winter heating season. The winter heating season officially starts on Oct. 1. Typicall...

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