|  Clifton Linton

Propane, Butane Rail Exports from Canada to U.S. Reported Down in Period Ended Nov. 1

Propane and butane rail exports from Canada to the U.S. fell in the month reporting period ending Nov. 1, Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB) reported in December. The decline in propane exports are due, in part, to the fact that North America saw a mild fall in terms of temperature. That meant heating demand and crop drying demand for storage was typical or lighter than usual. Propane rail exports in the period ended Nov. 1 stood at 515,690 bbl, down from 923,290 bbl in the month ended Oct. 1. Alberta generated the lion’s share of the exports, at 1.818 million bbl. That was down from 3.223 million bbl the month prior. Through the first 10 months o...

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