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Energy Transport Insider is the first newsletter to report on North America's natural gas liquids (NGL) rail logistics market. The liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tank car lease market is a leading focus, making this a must-read for market participants such as NGL schedulers, traders and rail marketers and traffic managers.

News about rail car availability and lease rates has historically been tough to dig out, unverified and exchanged through word of mouth. Veteran energy markets reporter and Energy Transport Insider founder Clifton Linton knew that gathering and reporting this price data through a journalistic filter would give market participants unbiased, reliable news to use in deal making.

Energy Transport Insider publishes weekly price bulletins on LPG tank car lease rates. Car lease rates are one of the key price factors affecting a shipment's profitability. Our staff talks with participants on all sides of the market such as leasees, leasors and brokers. Those conversations give context to the market picture. Our seasoned reporters vet out the bias.

Energy Transport Insider’s stories get ahead of the key trends and issues affecting rail shipments of NGLs. Millions of dollars are tied up in LPG transportation assets. Utilizing them correctly can boost profits or avoid losses. The NGL-by-rail market spans North America from the Canadian oil sands in Alberta, to the Bakken and Marcellus Shales in the United States to the newly opened and deregulated markets in Mexico. Keeping track of all these developments is our job. We bring you news that you need in this logistics business.

Our award-winning staff has decades of experience covering news, especially commodity markets. We bring to bear our experience observing interest rates, currency and energy markets.

Each week you get the following benefits:

  • Current prices for LPG rail car leases: from the short term – 3-month leases to longer term – 12-month leases.
  • Reviews of key market indicators and reports
  • Coverage of the most important news and events of the week.

Energy Transport insider gives you:

Better information
Better decisions
Better deals