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loading rail car Energy Transport Insider is the first news service to cover the market to ship liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) across North America via rail. Rail is a key link in the LPG logistics chain and that's our singular focus – the LPG rail logistics system.

Energy Transport Insider brings you the hard-to-get news and data you need every week to maximize your business opportunities.

Millions of dollars are tied up in LPG transportation assets. Utilizing them correctly can boost profits or help to avoid losses. We can show you how to get the most out of them.

Sharing information in this sector will help railroads and petroleum shippers to better understand each other, improve their relations and make shipping product more efficient.


Our special reports dig deep into the trends driving the industry. You get the context along with the news.

Our quarterly reports give you a look back at the past quarter and a view of the upcoming three months.

Truth, independence and accountability are our core values.